What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Growing up is never easy, but we can make it easier for generations to come. 
Futurista helps young girls find inspiration and authentic advice from successful women who were once in their shoes.


Futurista is a mobile platform that offers educational and inspirational content to support teen girls through career exploration. We will help them discover paths, develop skills, and learn from those who have paved the way.


Hundreds of women behind our team will share their raw and unretouched stories. Ones of trial and error and finding their true selves. You will meet an electrical engineer turned illustrator. And a community manager turned software engineer, then product manager, then entrepreneur - all under the age of 30. Plus many more amazing women.

Happiness first

We believe that all girls should be free to choose any path that makes them happy. Choosing a career is about so much more than providing for yourself and your family. Futurista reflects on all aspects of how to find and do work you truly love by showing you real-life examples of how to boost your confidence, take risks and be bold.

Judgment free

At Futurista, we're not focused on your follower count. Here, you can simply be yourself without any fear of judgment. We are determined to give you tools and knowledge to help you be your own boss and do what matters most to you.


Help us build a future where girls know they are worthy and are empowered to make a difference in the world, one happy teen girl at a time.


The Team

Polina Marchenko

A passionate builder of relationships and products, a Product Manager turned Entrepreneur and mom to a toddler girl. 

A digital marketer and wellness enthusiast. Deeply committed to fostering connection and community both online and in-person.

Tanya Shyika

Illustrator and multidisciplinary designer based in New York City with the ambition to spread positivity into the world with her colourful work. 

Lauren Huttner

Rising college freshman passionate about growth hacking and research. Enjoys analysing data, creating plans, and taking action.

Jessica Wegelin

A product designer and digital strategist with a love for brands. Creates services that focus on user needs and help businesses strive.

Alivia Jiang

High school junior with a dedication for growth through the intersection of design and marketing. Always hungry for new challenges and taking on the obstacles along the way.

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